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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pass the Controller - Episode 4

Pass the Controller Episode 4 has finally been released!

After a long, LONG hiatus thanks to a ton of real life issues, I finally was able to record and upload the file, and guess what! PTC will now be uploaded to! This is just the next step in this show, and in the future, expect things to improve more and more.

For this special episode, the panelists tackle some pretty big topics, so just click "Read More" and enjoy! Warning, this episode is another long one.

Topics Covered:
- Western vs Japanese RPGs
- Paid DLC content
- Batman: Arkham City Villains
- Free-to-play trial trends in games
- PC vs Console sales for Portal 2

- Rob
- Justin
- Frohawk
- Dendro

This week, our background was designed by Jessica!
Definitely check out more of her work here! -


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