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Monday, April 4, 2011

MLB Baseball Rankings & Predictions - Start of 2011 Season

 Well, I am back from the dead!

In celebration, I figure I will do a quick listing of the MLB teams for the start of the 2011 season in terms of who I think is the best. Will I play favorites on occasion? Probably for tiebreakers, and probably being that this is all my opinion. Mostly, though, I'll be ranking them from the best overall, to the worst overall. Enjoy!

1. Philadelphia Phillies
2. New York Yankees
3. Boston Red Sox
4. Atlanta Braves
5. Texas Rangers
6. San Francisco Giants
7. Chicago White Sox
8. Texas Rangers
9. St. Louis Cardinals
10. Minnesota Twins (if Morneau is healthy, otherwise, drop them down another 5-6 spots)
11. Cincinatti Reds
12. Los Angeles Angels
13. Colorado Rockies
14. Detroit Tigers
15. Oakland Athletics
16. Los Angeles Dodgers
17. Florida Marlins
18. Baltimore Orioles
19. Tampa Bay Rays
20. Toronto Blue Jays
21. Chicago Cubs
22. Seattle Mariners
23. Washington Nationals
24. New York Mets
25. Houston Astros
26. San Diego Padres27. Kansas City Royals
28. Arizona Diamondbacks
29. Pittsburgh Pirates
30. Cleveland Indians

Want some shot-in-the-dark playoff predictions? Sure why not!

New York Yankees
Chicago White Sox
Texas Rangers
Boston Red Sox

Philadelphia Phillies
St. Louis Cardinals
San Francisco Giants
Atlanta Braves

World Series:
New York Yankees vs Philadelphia Phillies
New York Yankees in 6.

Will I be wrong on some of these? Probably. Will I be right? Maybe. Either way, hope this season is a good one! I'll probably make an updated ranking list at certain points in the season. Feel free to shoot me comments.

In regards to some VG reviews and whatnot, I've been in a rather long writers block in that regard, and I am not the type to just throw something out there unless it is at least halfway decent. I was planning on doing some video reviews for a while, but things keep screwing up in that regard. I'll occasionally post an update from time to time, though I doubt it would have the regularity of those in the past. However, feel free to keep checking back, and who knows, maybe there will be something new! I will try to have at least something up each week, whether it be something creative, or even just an enjoyable link drop. Until next time!


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