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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Something to pass the time...

Well, being that I haven't posted in a while, I figure I should do a dropping of a few of the interesting stuff I have found over my travels through the tubes. Hopefully, this can hold the time until my next actual post (hopefully my review!). Enjoy!

First, here is a rather awesome rendition of the Canon in D on electric guitar. Do what you can to support the musicians of the world!

I'm sure everyone can appreciate good music, but also parody remakes of music. In particular, it's good news that Weird Al not only has a new CD coming out soon, but also got approval for this wonderful one! Though, a lot of songs nowadays seem to just be remakes of the same music anyways. It also is enjoyable when you come across an article that brings back many memories of the toys of yesteryear. Yes... I had a bunch of these toys. Speaking of Cracked, I'm sure we all could appreciate some of these.

Until next time my friends.

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