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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pass the Controller - Episode 1

Here was the idea that I have been planning for a while; Pass the Controller!

What is it you may ask? Well for those who have seen the ESPN show "Around the Horn", it is similar to that in concept, except about current events in video games! I invite a group of panelists onto the show, and we discuss numerous VG-related topics. I will award points to the panelists depending on how well they make their point in the discussions. As the moderator, I do my best to direct traffic and make sure the panelists don't go off on random tangents. Every few topics, the panelist with the fewest points is eliminated. Rinse and repeat until we are down to two, and we enter the Showdown. All previous points are moot, and the final two face off in a best of three topics. The one who had the most points gets to go first. Winner gets to stand on a soap box and talk about anything they want for 30 seconds.

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Pass the Controller - Episode 1

-- Episode 1 --
- E3
- Duke Nukem Forever

- Lars
- Mike
- Rob
- Justin

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